Nude by Nature: Green Beauty
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My Beauty Corner

Did you know that I’ve recently moved? Not much has changed in terms of styling and decorating. I simply rearranged my furniture to fit my current room. Though, there was one area that definitely needed improvement this time and that was my beauty corner! Life without a vanity In an ideal world, I would have a proper vanity, where I can spend hours doing my make up and hair. However, living in London means rooms are small, so you really have to prioritise. I chose my work desk in favour of a vanity as it’s more novelty than really necessary. What do you choose when you have the choice between getting ready in the bathroom or sitting on the floor in front of my big wall mirror? Translated this means: carrying your makeup bag back and forth (since it’s I live in a flatshare) or ultimately having my make-up all scattered around on…

Eatopia – A Unique Culinary Experience

Last September, London saw its first Design Biennale. 37 countries from six continents participated to present newly works that explored the theme Utopia by Design. Of course, I couldn’t miss this event, so I headed down to Somerset House together with We Blog Design to discover the exhibition and to explore especially Taiwan’s contribution: Eatopia. Eatopia: A Tale of Taiwan’s Cultural Collisions Stepping down to the basement of Somerset house, you entered a magical forest, where you were able to learn about the complex Taiwanese history through the variety of vegetation installed and a unique culinary experience. The small island has received waves of migrants, all from distinctive cultural backgrounds, that together shape the country. “Reflecting on the history of Taiwan, the dishes serve as a reminder that cultural collision and fusion have been and will continue to be powerful forces that propel the country towards a united yet diverse utopia.” Eatopia took us on…

Nude by Nature: Green Beauty

A few months ago ASOS invited me to try out Nude by Nature, an Australian beauty brand they started stocking. To be honest, the first thing that captured my attention was the beautiful rose gold packaging and the elegant design of the brushes. They really stand out in my make up drawer! Though, Nude by Nature is not just about looks (pun intended!), what really differentiates them from other cosmetic brands is their promise to provide high-performing natural formulas that are 100% cruelty free and PETA certified.

New Workout Routine

Sport Tights Pink Soda*,  Sports Bra Pink Soda*, T-Shirt Pink Soda* Two of my flatmates are really into their fitness and sports: One wakes up every morning at 5am to hit the gym, the other goes out rock climbing weekend trips. And then there’s me, lazy on the sofa, enjoying the latest Netflix shows. To be honest, I kind of gave up on getting into it as well, after my previous resolution to do more for my health, but living with these two actually opened up my eyes a little and I found interest in exercising again! Here are some simple tips, that really made a difference in my motivation (though, I’m still taking baby steps when it comes to getting into a proper workout routine): Get a new workout outfit Sounds simple and silly, but it can make a difference. While I used to wear the most worn-out shirt…