Supporting Emerging Talents:ESMOD Fashioning Highlights

Creativity comes in many forms. Some express themselves using the magic of words, others use a pencil or brush to convey their thoughts. Last week was dedicated to those who call a pencil and a sewing machine their tools. A pencil to sketch the design and a sewing machine to create the piece that can be worn. Fashion Week for me kicked off with two events supporting emerging designers. First my friends and me headed to the F95 Store to attend the award ceremony for the Premium Young Designers Award. The winners were JULIA SEREGINA SMART KNITS, BREAKS LONDON and KUBORAUM. I even snapped a photo with designer Kohji Yanagi! The winners will get a booth at upcoming Premium exhibitions and their collections will be sold at the F95 store as well.
Afterwards we headed to the Deutsches Historisches Museum to attend the Fashioning Highlights catwalk show presented by ESMOD Berlin. Such a beautiful location for a showcase! It was an exciting event as you were able to see different collections by different designers: Esmod alumnis as well as this years graduates and recent projects.

Kreativitaet kann man auf unterschiedlicher Weise ausdruecken. Manche schreiben Gedichte, andere malen. Die letzte Woche war denen gewidmet, die mit Bleistift und Naehmaschine arbeiten. Ein Bleistift, um Entwuerfe anzufertigen, und eine Naehmaschine, um diese Entwuerfe tragbar zu machen. Die Fashion Week hat fuer mich mit 2 Events, die junge Designer unterstuetzen angefangen. Zuerst bin ich mit meinen Freundinnen zum F95 Store gegangen, um bei der Verleihung des Premium Young Designers Award dabei zu sein. Die Gewinner waren JULIA SEREGINA SMART KNITS, BREAKS LONDON und KUBORAUM. Habe sogar ein Foto mit Kohji Yanagi von Breaks London geschossen! Danach ging es zum Deutschen Historischen Museum. Dort fand die von ESMOD Berlin praesentierte Show Fashioning Highlights statt. Man konnte auf den Runway die Kollektionen von Alumnis, Graduenten und anderen Projekten begutachten.