Cherry Blossom Viewing at Sake No Hana

Visiting Japan during the ‘sakura’ cherry blossom season has probably been on my wish list since the start of my interest in the country itself. Until I make it to Japan, I’m happy I was able to have a small taste of the sakura season at Sake No Hana with Emma this year. From 20th April to 20th June, its bar is transformed into a beautiful cherry blossom garden and the restaurant serves a limited edition Sakura menu.

Of course, we went for the Sakura set menu, which included Violet Risshun, a two-part cocktail that celebrates the beginning of spring. Sipping from the first part of our drink, we enjoyed the refreshing and slightly bitter flavours, which was then followed by the sweet mix of the second part. Afterwards I mixed the two in the carafe for a perfect combination of sour, sweet and bitter. My favourite part of the cocktail! To start our meal, we were served a warming white miso soup and a cold sesame spinach salad topped with crunchy cassava chips. The spinach was crunchy and refreshing with a lovely nutty flavour thanks to the sesame. The bento box, presented in a beautiful wooden box, contained a selection of sashimi, nigiri and maki rolls. My favourites were definitely the o-toro and chu-toro, fattier types of tuna, that simply melted in my mouth. 

We finished this delicious meal with a pleasantly sweet Sakura tea and the Yuzu Matcha Creme from the regular dessert menu. Of course, presentation was impeccable again, making it quite intimidating to break this piece of art apart. The yuzu mousse seemed firm on first inspection, but was incredibly silky and soft once you’ve had a spoonful of it. It blended extremely well with the refreshing and slightly sour yuzu sorbet and the matcha crumbles gave added a little crunchiness to the dessert.

I’m really glad I finally made it to Sakura at Sake No Hana! It was such a beautiful lunch, filled with high-quality ingredients and mouth-watering flavours. And for the price of £39 for food and drinks (excluding the dessert and service charge), it’s a great deal! So make sure to visit before you have to wait for another year!

Sake No Hana
23 St. James’s Street
London SW1A 1HA

You can read the full restaurant review and see more photos on Click to add a blog post for Sake No Hana on Zomato. Photos of me taken by Emma.