Sudio: The Sound of Elegance

I used to wear headphones all the time, especially for work. Being able to blend out all the outside noise to concentrate on something, being inspired by the sound of some amazing artist, it’s the best. Though, they were quite chunky to carry around all the time and hurt my head after wearing them for a while, so I’ve been looking for some nice earphones as an alternative. Didn’t find any I liked, until I saw the Klang earphones* by Sudio: Clean and elegant, an accessory on its own. Still, I was sceptical about whether the quality would match its looks, so I was happy that I was offered a pair to try out.

The earphones arrived in a sleek box (see here) that also included a leather pouch, 4 pairs of extra sleeve, a metal clip and the manual with the quality assurance card. It’s great how they cater to different ear shapes, because I actually had to switch out the pair the earphones came with for a smaller one. The most intriguing part about the earphones are their wires: They are flat to prevent tangling up and the difference in wire length (with the right earpiece longer than the left) helps in keeping the earphones in by going behind your neck.

Though, the most important (!) part is of course the sound! I’m definitely not a pro when it comes to analysing sound quality, but I’ve been naturally reaching out for the Klang earphones since they’ve arrived and as a fan of bass heavy music, I’ve been more than pleased with what I’m hearing. And they are not loosing out to my headphones either! Plus, it seems like they are pretty soundproof, too, or my colleagues are just too nice to complain about me blasting out my playlist. I’m using my earphones with my iPhone, so I can make full use of the 3-button remote for changing the voluming and starting/pausing/skipping songs.

So yeah, what else is there to say. I think 55€ (~ £39) for the Klang earphones* is a pretty good deal for such high quality earphones that also work as an accessory. I mean you’d be using them every day, so definitely worth it! So if anyone is interested, Sudio has provided me with a discount code for you to use: Just type in “Chopstickpanorama” for 15% off. I’ve also put together my summer playlist, if anyone is interested in what I’m listening to right now!

Rating: ★★★★★