Travel Diary Berlin: Shiso Burger

Shiso Burger | Asian-style burgers | Auguststraße 29c, Berlin |

Alarm, alarm, picky eater sighted! First she says she doesn’t like coffee, now it’s burgers! Well, I’ve actually mentioned it previously, if anyone noticed (it’s big and bold in my Dirty Burger review), but when I have the choice, I don’t order nor eat burgers. So when one of my friends recommended Shiso Burger to me, just the word ‘burger’ made me cringe a little. Oh, how glad I am, that I got dragged along in the end. That evening, I actually had two burgers: one at District Mot and one at Shiso Burger. I loved them both! So after introducing Emma to the former, of course, we had to pay Shiso Burger a visit as well.

At Shiso Burger, you will find everything but dry buns and tasteless patties (which caused my dislike for burgers). Instead, you will be able to experience the taste of their fluffy homemade buns in your classic ham- and cheese burger or Asian-fusion variations. Altogether you’ve got 9 choices from classics to ebi, bulgogi and even tofu. The first time I went I tried their Salmon burger (6,90€). I didn’t know salmon would work so well with burger buns! Unfortunately, the teriyaki sauce was quite overpowering and I would have preferred it, if the salmon fillet was marinated in the sauce instead. Still, I liked it and went again with Emma during our Berlin trip. This time we both ordered their popular Chilli Lemon Burger with Wagyu Beef upgrade. Everyone I know has been raving about this variation and I totally understand why: The meat was so juicy and flavourful (Wagyu for president!), medium as I like it, while the cilantro and lime-mayo gave the burger a refreshing kick. Plus, it wasn’t spicy as the name might suggest, so I was able to enjoy it without constraints. To complement our lunch, we also ordered their sweet potato fries and some edamame (yay to the lunch deal where you get a side and a drink for 3€ more on top of the burger price). While the edamame were a little overcooked for my taste, the thinly-cut sweet potato fries were deliciously crunchy. Such a great alternative to the usual limitation of having your burgers with chips/french fries.

I definitely need to go back to Berlin soon and try the rest of their burgers. The bulgogi burger sounds pretty damn good and the Shiso burger (marinated tuna) seems promising as well. Best thing to do is go to Berlin in a big group, go to Shiso burger, order everything and try it all! I love the wooden interior that is reminiscent of Japanese ramen places, the staff is friendly and quick and most importantly: the burgers are worth the hype. The lunch deal will definitely fill you up!

  • I haven't had a burger for so long but these sound so different and look so beautifully presented! x

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