An East London Tour with the Girls

It’s always nice to have friends visiting London. Nga, Mai Linh and I go way back, I don’t even remember how we met as we lived a 3 hour drive away from each other (remember this and this post from 2010?). I think it was a mix of mutual friends and connecting via blogging (that is when they were still blogging!). But when you get along, distance doesn’t matter. Also, there’s Whatsapp to share any funny or weird moments with each other. Still, nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting, chatting for hours into the night, fighting for the last bite of chicken and having a girly make-over session. Simply: Making memories together. 

It was Mai Linh‘s first time in London, so we did a mix of the usual tourists spots and my local hangouts. Luckily I work in Westminster, so when they picked me up from work, we could already tick Big Ben and the London Eye off their list. Sightseeing done! While I usually avoid Brick Lane and Shoreditch on a Sunday (too many people), the Sunday Up Market is definitely a must-see. So together with Dodo, our Sunday ended up being a tour through East London. Strolling between market stalls and galleries, there’s plenty to see and try. Especially try! We shared Korean Fried Chicken, Takoyaki and Arepas, delicious. Went into vintage stores and record shops, and of course, took tons of pictures to remember all these fun moments.