Coffee Date with Myself

Sometimes it’s nice to go out just by yourself. Finding a cute cafe, ordering a cup of soothing Matcha Latte and listening to your favourite tunes. With work having taken over my life last year, I tried to fill every inch of my calendar with activities, fully polishing my scheduling skills. However, this pretty much left little time to focus just on myself. Books are still unread, TV shows are queuing up and memories of how my gym looked from the inside are fading. I feel like, we are made to believe that we are the happiest when we are constantly surrounded by people. “Hanging out by yourself? What a loner!” Though, being back in London, while most of my friends were still with their families, gave me the chance to fully relax and recharge, instead of running from one schedule to the next. Or at least, I was able to schedule in me-time before and after.

When Iris from A Dash Of Fash told me she was in London, of course, I wanted to meet up. A coffee date with her, why would I say no? So we arranged to meet at Timberyard for a catch-up session. But instead of heading there for the arranged time, I went an hour early to read my book and listen to some music. Okay, actually I just woke up earlier than I thought that morning, but it turned out great. Maybe it’s because I recently bought the Frends Headphones during the Black Friday sales, that I want to listen to music in public all the time (gotta show them off, you know?). Sitting by the window, sipping on my Matcha Latte, hours could have passed without me realising, until Iris finally joined me and we had a fun time chatting away (that’s when these photos were taken).

Headphones Frends | Turtle Neck Jumper H&M | Marble Phone Case Madotta*

photos taken by Iris (A Dash Of Fash)