Sudio Vasa Earphones Review

Vasa Rose Gold White Earphones – Sudio Sweden*

Let me confess: I never used to be the kind of person that was too fussed about sound quality. To me, earphones used to be something that just came as an add-on, cheaply replaced and not worth a second thought. It was only when I saw the Sudio Earphones, that I got more interested. To be honest, I only wanted to test them because of how they looked. Though, once I tried Sudio’s KLANG earphones, I learned what a difference a set of high quality earphones make. I would have been pretty content with my KLANG, if it wasn’t for Sudio bringing out the new VASA range.

The VASA are premium earphones, their ‘best so far’, according to Sudio. And I totally agree: The sound is so crisp and even more bass-heavy than the KLANG, I was simply amazed. You can truly hear every instrument, while all outside noise is cancelled out. My colleagues actually have to email me to get my attention, because I can’t hear them at all! I also think that the VASA looks a bit slicker than the KLANG. The aluminium housing is beautifully elegant thanks to the high polished finish and the rose gold shade.

Just like the KLANG, the earphones arrived in a stylish box that included a leather pouch, 4 pairs of extra sleeves, a metal clip and the manual with the quality assurance card. I still think it’s great how they to different ear shapes, since the standard ones are a tad too big for me and this way I can easily switch. For both ranges, the cords are flat to avoid them being tangled up and they both have a 3-button remote that makes it easy to change the volume and start/pause/skip songs. In comparison to the KLANG, the VASA cords have the same length, which I personally prefer as my hair can get in the way when I have the KLANG behind my neck.

€70 (~£53) for the VASA earphones is definitely not inexpensive. However, I think it’s worth for the upgraded quality in comparison to the KLANG. You definitely get premium earphones! What kind of earphones do you use? Are you fussed about sound quality? You can find all the technical specifications on Sudio’s website here. Now if anyone is interested in getting a pair of Sudio earphones, use the discount code “Chopstickpanorama” for 15% off.

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  • Sailor Shia // 시아

    Hachja.. Die Dinger sind schon toll ~ Ich liebe deine Fotos <3

  • thestylecrusader

    Love the look of these. I normally just stick to the regular Apple earphones that came with my phone but have tried a few other varieties. These look really beautiful! Lovely photos too!