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Morris Key Ring in Steel – Alice Made This*, Mia Pendant in Steel – Alice Made This*

Practicality over looks

As you can see from all my outfit posts, I don’t usually wear too much jewellery. While I like the look of rings and bracelets, I find them quite obstructive throughout the day. They annoy me when I use the laptop, I just misplace them when I wash my hands, I usually opt for practicality than looks. Still, since my personal style is quite minimal, I do like adding a nice necklace or some earrings to the look. So when I saw the Mia pendant by Alice Made This, I immediately fell in love.

Made with British Industrial Engineering Methods

Alice Made This accessory are all really simple, yet unique thanks to their making and particular details. They use British industrial engineering methods to create their clean accessories and are inspired by architecture and geometry. Totally my kind of thing!

Our products are driven by the human elements and processes behind industrial manufacturing, machines and materials in Britain. This approach has seen us expand from cufflinks to a full collection of British made accessories.

alice made thisSimple, yet unique

The Mia pendant is a clean machined ring. I opted for the solid stainless still as it will go best with my outfits and it comes with a rhodium plated solid silver chain. I just like the clean and minimal look. Of course, I also had to go for the matching key ring. The Morris key ring makes going home or even to the office just so much more stylish. I know it’s a novelty item, but a damn good one! Again, I really like how solid it feels in my hand, and since my bags are usually filled quite messily, I can find my keys really easily. Thanks Alice Made This for this beautiful gift, I recommend it as a gift for a special someone.

alice made this

  • Ulla Hofmann

    GEfällt mir sehr sehr gut 😉