Minimal 70s Vibes

Light Grey Turtleneck Top – H&M, Wide Leg  Pin Stripe Trousers – Urban Outfitters*
Slouchy Handbag –
Russel and Bromley*, White Leather Trainers – H&M
photos taken by Emma (Bloomzy)

I’ve not been very fond of the 70s trend that’s been going around lately. I usually don’t care too much about trends, but if it means I don’t like most of the things in stores, it becomes more of an issue! I guess I can just consider it a shopping-less period, my bank account is pretty happy about it actually. Still, when I spotted these Wide Leg Pin Stripe Trousers, I got some 70s vibes from it without it being too obvious, so I opted for a minimal 70s outfit instead! (At least that’s how I felt that day.)

Usually I’m more of a skinny jeans or tailored trousers kind of person, but these wide leg trousers have been really fascinating me! Maybe because they are incredibly comfortable and look like you know a thing or two about fashion? I paired them with my favourite plain turtleneck top and white trainers, just to keep the focus on the trousers really. I mean it’s a minimal 70s outfit, with the focus on minimal! I don’t think I’m quite ready yet for a full-fledged 70s look or that I will ever be…

I wore the outfit during fashion week this season, perfect for running around from schedule to schedule, and it also made me feel a bit older than usual? I guess my normal casual style or even my liking for dungarees and pinafore dresses look quite playful. I’ve borrowed these during fashion week at The Apartment, but I’m definitely considering getting some for myself. What do you think of these and my minimal 70s outfit?
minimal 70s outfitminimal 70s outfitminimal 70s outfitminimal 70s outfit