Philips Steam & Go Review

Philips Steam & Go GC330* | Handheld garment Steamer
£49.99 via or John Lewis

Let me confess: In the fours years since moving out of my parents’ home, I’ve probably used my iron a handful of times. It wouldn’t be too much of a problem if I was a fan jerseys, but of course I have to be into delicate silks and button up shirts. I’ve actually resorted to using my ghd hair straightener when I was really desperate (though still not desperate enough to get out my ironing board)! And when it comes to my silks, well, I just take them to the dry cleaner because  I’m scared of ruining them. But then I saw the Philips Steam & Go at The Apartment, de-creasing shirt after shirt, and I thought my prayers have been finally heard: Creaseless shirts in minutes! Philips was so kind to send me one after Fashion Week to try it out myself at home.

About the Philips Steam & Go

The Philips Steam & Go is a handheld garment steamer which means you don’t need and ironing board and can get started without much set up. It’s not supposed to replace an iron, but for last touch-ups and difficult-to-iron clothes. It was specifically designed so you can steam both vertically and horizontally, making it possible to even steam soft furniture and bed linen. Which is quite handy because the hot steam kills up to 99.9% of bacteria on clothes (no need to go dry clean after each use) and removes cigarette, food and body odours according to Philips. Its SmartFlow technology heats up the steam plate and keeps it at an optimal, safe temperature for all fabrics. To use it, you simply fill up the detachable water tank, wait 45 seconds and then you can start smoothing out your clothes with the controllable electric pump.


My thoughts

My clothing rack is in the middle of the room, so I actually had to use an extension to plug the steamer in as the cord is quite short. But once that was solved, it really only took a few seconds for the steamer to be ready and I de-creased my shirts without problems. I first tried it on a silk shirt that I had in my suitcase before and that was really badly creased. The Philips Steam & Go did a really good job getting all the creases out, but since the detachable water tank is quite small I had to refill it 3 times during the process. That’s why I do recommend having some water to refill close-by, if your shirt is badly creased. My other shirts just had minor creases here and there, so I only had to spot-steam it, and I could use one full tank for 2-3 shirts. Overall, I have to say that I really like the Philips Steam & Go, especially for my delicate silk shirts. It’s just so easy to use and it’s perfect for my silk shirts as I don’t have to be scared that I will ruin them.