Visiting Norwich

Let’s talk about Norwich. One of Britain’s 20 friendliest places to live, top city to work in the UK and also hometown of my best friend Emma. To be honest, if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have visited Norwich any time soon. More because I actually haven’t heard about Norwich before, until I found out that’s where she was from. It just emphasises the fact that there is so much to discover in the UK, and I’m glad that I’m slowly ticking off more places in the UK from my travel list.

We started the day with brunch at Frank’s Bar (19 Bedford St, Norwich NR2 1AR), a lovely little cafe/bar with quirky English interior, before walking around the city centre. What I liked the most about Norwich were its ancient streets that make you feel like you just stepped into a historical film. From Princes Street that houses many buildings from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to the cobbled Elm Hill, such a beautiful walk! Though, tired from the windy weather and all the walking, we spent the rest of our day coffee shop hopping. First we stopped by Artel (25 Wensum Street, Norwich), a tiny tiny cafe, yet immensely popular judging by all the customers popping in and out.  Emma and I squeezed into the little corner that is the seating area and enjoyed a lovely cup of Matcha Latte. I really loved the mix of concrete and wooden furniture with a hint of urban jungle. Definitely recommended! We also went to Strangers (21 Pottergate, Norwich), a speciality coffee shop and Emma‘s favourite in Norwich (I think…). You know that I don’t really drink coffee nor do I know much about it, but the coffee shop itself was really cute and the perfect place to catch up with a friend.

Based on my impressions of Norwich, it seems like there are only coffee shops and cafes! But Norwich actually has so much more to offer, such as its vast amount of churches. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t really the best when we went to visit and we were quite exhausted from work the week before. Wait for when I visit again and I will show you much more!

Photos of me taken by Emma (Bloomzy).visiting norwichvisiting norwichvisiting norwichvisiting norwichvisiting norwichvisiting norwichvisiting norwichvisiting norwich