Casual with a Twist

Black Backpack – Curate* (£48), Grey Silk Shirt – Marina London, Black Skinny Jeans – Topshop, White Trainers – H&M
Gradient Faux Leather – Jacket
photos taken by Quyen Mike

I really started to develop a liking for independent designers and brands. It’s the whole aspect of finding something new and discovering their individual stories that draws me to them. This outfit actually features a few of those findings! It’s a really casual outfit like always, but I love the combination of different textures: a faux leather jacket with a silk shirt and a canvas backpack. Though, let’s focus on my new CURATE backpack this time. The owner of CURATE, Jemima, gifted this backpack to me and I love its minimal aesthetics that only reveals its quality and practicality when you look at it more closely. The fabric used inside is beautifully soft and it features a divider for your laptop. Plus, I’ve been looking for a bigger backpack for a while that fits all my things: From my lunch box to my water bottle and umbrella, it fits everything. 


CURATE is a brand that is all about curating modern and mindfully sourced bags and accessories. Jemima got the idea for the business after discovering the clothing and bag designer/maker Gift while wandering around the markets of Bangkok. Everyone back home then asked her where she got her bag from, so she got in touch with Gift again and the idea for CURATE was born. From investing in the production of the bags to finding more designer/makers organically, CURATE was slowly built. It’s only been around since January 2016, but I love how passionate Jemima is about the brand: Ensuring a great price for the maker, looking after every production stage and bringing skilfully made and authentic products from local designers from around the world to us at a reasonable price. You can really tell from the accessories she curates, that Jemima loves minimalist styles (as do I). And I’m so fascinated by the multifunctional aspect of Gift’s canvas and rope string backpacks! My backpack was made by Opal and the fact that I use it pretty much everyday speaks for itself, doesn’t it? It just works with my daily casual outfit. It’s all very early stage for CURATE, but I’m excited to see how it will grow.

You can find CURATE on Spitalfields Markets (Thu + Fri), Netil Market (Sat), Chatsworth Road Market (Sun) and at the Collective89 store in the Camden Stables Market.

casual outfitcasual outfitcasual outfitcasual outfitcasual outfit

  • Sophie

    Die Bilder sind super! Der Bommel am Rucksack ist super süß! 🙂
    Küsschen von Firstpug