Sakura at Sake No Hana

Sake No Hana | Japanese | 23 St Jame’s Street, London SW1A 1HA | Nearest tube: Green Park
Sakura Menu, available from 21.03.2016 – 18.05.2016
photos taken of me taken by Emma (Bloomzy)

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I was first invited Sake No Hana during the cherry blossom season. I was seriously excited to celebrate this annual event with Emma (Bloomzy) at Sake No Hana’s beautifully decorated bar again. Transformed into a cherry blossom garden, we were able to enjoy their seasonal Sakura menu between delicate blossoms in full bloom (that even light up in the evening!).

The Sakura Menu

We started off our dinner with probably the most unique cocktail I’ve ever tried. The Kaori Arpège is a fruity drink that mixes gin, yuzu sake, cherry liquour, peach bitters, grapefruit juice and agave. Served with edible perfume, it was not only beautiful in its presentation, but also innovative. The 3 different flavours (elderflower, cinnamon, violet)  gave you the chance to transform each sip. My favourite was the elderflower which made the drink more refreshing, while the violet added a subtle floral sweetness.

Then we commenced our little Sakura feast with a mild miso soup, which was served with this beautiful sakura petal shaped edamame peas tofu. The Sushi & Sashimi box, which came right afterwards with the main, was devoured in seconds. The fish was delightfully fresh and melted in my mouth. No wonder, since it included medium fatty tuna (chu-toro). Though, the highlight of the Sakura Menu was of course the salmon. Among the 3 choices to choose from, Emma and I both opted for the Salmon Miso Yaki with egg mustard sauce. The salmon was really flavourful, and the egg mustard sauce deliciously creamy. I personally would have liked the mustard sauce to be a little more tangy and spicy to balance out the salmon, but the refreshing spinach salad was in charge of that.

sakura at sake no hanaDesserts

For desserts, Emma ordered the Cherry Chocolate Sake Mousse from the Sakura Menu. As I’m not a chocolate fan, the chocolate mousse scared me a little, but after having a taste, I was surprised how beautifully light it was, with a hint of sourness of the cherry sorbet that balanced out the sweetness of the mousse. To avoid chocolate, I ordered the Cashew Crème Brûlée from the main menu. It was dessert full of exciting textures, lightly sweet and refreshing thanks to the subtle sourness and bitterness of the orange. To complement our desserts, we also ordered some of their Sakura Sencha, a light blend with a sweet hint of cherry, which matched the desserts and the Cherry Blossom Macarons well.

My thoughts

I really recommend visiting Sake No Hana, and even more during the cherry blossom season for their special Sakura Menu (£34pp for a cocktail, miso soup, sushi and a main). I always have such a wonderful time there, Emma and I had such a relaxing lunch. And the Sakura Menu is a great taster menu that lets you enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossom season alongside the charming decoration. A must visit for those who can’t make it to Japan just yet, or for those who simply enjoy delicious food.

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