Sporty in Converse

Converse Logo Crop Shirt – JD Sports*, Converse Fleece Pants – JD Sports*, Converse Trainers – JD Sports*
Bomber Jacket – Weekday, Black Backpack – Curate*,
photos taken by Gallucks

I’ve never been the sporty type of girl. PE was my least favourite class in school and I tried to skip it as much as possible. So of course, I didn’t wear trainers or sports wear outside of the gym in an attempt to erase all memories of ball games and running around in circles. However, now that I’m working and all the exercise I get is walking to the tube station, I’ve started going to the gym voluntarily and even found classes I actually enjoy! Pilates is my all time favourite and I feel so refreshed after an intense workout, but my guilty pleasure is the Hip Hop dance class I attend with Emma now and then. I’m terrible at it, but it’s good workout and lots of fun. The funny thing is that my new found interest in exercising also got me into sporty fashion. Not only do the dancers in the videos I watch on Youtube look pretty damn cool, it’s also incredibly comfortable (took me a while to figure this one out, didn’t it?).

I prefer changing and showering at home, so I don’t have to carry as much with me. But this also means I can’t walk around in just leggings and a sports bra, right? That’s why I picked a few items from Converse that can also work as a casual sporty outfit. The Converse Fleece Pants are ideal for dancing and work quite well with the whole jogging pants trend. But my favourites are definitely the Converse Trainers in white. I chose the leather version for more sturdiness, as I will surely wear them in a lot of outfits from now on! Combining the two with a crop shirt and my beloved bomber jacket, my all Converse outfit looks like a casual sporty outfit and not just like my workout attire, right?

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