The Fabulous Adventures of 698B Supper Club

The Fabulous Adventures of 698B | British Supper Club | Secret Location
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The Fabulous Adventures of 698B Supper Club

When I first stumbled upon The Fabulous Adventures of 698B at an event hosted by The Tabl, I was immediately hooked by the delicious canapés they had prepared for the evening. There was no question, I had to visit their supper club and try their food properly! Luckily, Guillame and Maja were so kind to invite be down for one evening, I couldn’t have been more excited!

The Food

The thing with high expectations is that they rarely get met, especially when it comes to food. But oh dear, the food was even better than I could have imagined! The amuse bouche in the beginning were a delight, beautifully decorated with edible flowers. As a starter we had asparagus with quail eggs and beans which was refreshing and light, but the caramelised yoghurt (prepared in the oven over 12hours) with the kick of the mustard was the highlight. The starter was followed by an equally light fish course: Steamed Halibut with barley, celery samphire and sea purslane. I really enjoyed the subtle flavours that prepared us for most delicious beef course that followed. The Rib of Beef with wild garlic and carrot was served in two versions, slow-cooked as well as in the form of an incredibly tender beef loin. Both beautifully marinated and extremely flavourful. Just thinking of it makes me salivate! While I would have been completely satisfied going home after this, the desserts didn’t disappoint either. From cheesecakes to eclairs, they were a light and heavenly mix of different flavours and textures.

The Experience

While I thought I wasn’t necessarily a supper club person, having to make conversations with strangers and all that, I had such a fantastic time doing exactly that at The Fabulous Adventures of 698B. The food was so beautifully presented and delightful, you simply had to share your excitement with your seat neighbour. And while I don’t want to give away too much, the experience around the dessert preparation made everyone go into a frenzy.

My thoughts

I highly recommend joining The Fabulous Adventures of 698B for an evening of amazing food! Honestly, it’s possibly the best £44 per person (BYOB) you can spend on a supper club in London right now. I mean just look at the words, especially intensifiers, I used to describe it with. Guillame and Maja did a fantastic job, creating the unique experience with a fantastic set of courses around high quality seasonal ingredients. Seriously, it’s an adventure I’ll definitely join again soon!

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    Wow, das sieht ja alles total lecker aus!