5 Tips for a Stylish Bedroom

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a homebody! No shame in that. I like a good night out, having a nice meal out or watching the latest play in the theatre or other things London has to offer. But at home, that’s the place where I can relax the best. Lounging in bed with a good book, while listening to the latest Radiohead album, that’s all I need. I learned a few simple tricks to make my bedroom cosy and match my style, in a way that’s easy to pack up and re-arrange somewhere else, after living in 5 different flat shares since moving to London. And as WestwingNow let me order a few items for a small bedroom makeover, I thought I’d share a few tips with you.

WestwingNow is a great online shop for interiors. I had so much fun browsing through their items. Especially their Looks section where they show you how to style different themes was really helpful in picking items, giving you an idea how items looked together, how to match colours etc.  So here’s a glimpse into my updated bedroom and a few tips for a stylish bedroom:

1. Avoid clutter with stylish storage

I’m a big hoarder, and while I try to be better at throwing things out, I still have a long way to go. So what I do to not clutter up my room is hide bits and bobs in stylish boxes and cases. For stationary, make up and beauty products I bought a few basic storage boxes from Ikea. For smaller beauty products my new toiletry bag by Meraki* hides everything and most of my jewellery is hidden away in containers I got at Tiger and my cables are hidden inside my new Le sac en papier paper bag* from WestwingNow.

2. Show off your wardrobe

Recently I’ve changed my shopping habits, focusing on quantity instead of quality. Since then, I’ve added a handful of essential items to my wardrobe that I love to bits and wear frequently, especially my collection of Marina London shirts. So hanging my favourite items on a basic clothing rail is not only stylish but also practical!

3. Plates are not only for eating

I love beautiful plates! It’s a bit of a weird thing to love, but I simply can’t pass by a pretty ceramic plate when I see one. Of course, I like my food beautifully plated, but I actually misuse them as trays most of the time… My new 3 piece asymmetric plate set*, two are used to display my water bottles, and I also finally got my hands on a rustic plate by House Doctor* to display some of my brushes and favourite lipsticks. This way I get to use them everyday!

4. Cosy up with candles

Who doesn’t like a good smelling room? So I love having a few musky candles in my room which really help me feel like this is my little retreat. Luckily, the brands I usually go for are beautifully designed as well. My favourite Teakwood and Tobacco Candle by P.F.Candle Co. doesn’t really match my style, but it’s my absolute favourite scent. But I also ordered a Linden candle by Broste Copenhagen* to add to my collection, because I really liked its minimal look, and the lightly floral scent is fantastic.

5. Eat & drink in style

I already mentioned my small collection of beautiful plates, and I do use some of them for eating now and then. I mean, I love eating, so why not eat and drink in style? Drinking water is a little more fun when served from a minimal water carafe by Norm x Menu*. And when it’s Sunday and I just want to be lazy in bed, I do enjoy a cheeky breakfast in bed by myself. So having my new marble look serving tray by EIGHTMOOD* at hand is essential, because I’m a bit of a messy eater…

stylish bedroom stylish bedroomstylish bedroomstylish bedroomstylish bedroomstylish bedroomstylish bedroomstylish bedroom
*All items marked were gifted by WestwingNow, all thoughts are my own.