Liberty Cheesesteak Factory Review

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What’s cheesesteak?

I like a good hearty and warm sandwich, especially when it’s oozing with cheese. So shame on me for not knowing cheesesteak beyond Subway’s offering. Cheesesteaks sandwiches are made from thinly sliced pieces of beefsteak, melted cheese and optional onions in a long hoagie roll. Though, it seems like it’s not been really a big thing in London yet, so I was more than interested when Liberty Cheesesteak Factory invited me to try out their cheesesteaks.

Liberty Cheesesteak Factory

Liberty Cheesesteak Factory have a permanent Spitalfields Market spot, promising to sell an authentic version of the famous Philadelphia cheesesteaks from their street food truck. They were founded on the mission to bring real Philly Cheesestaks to London, sharing the Philly culture through this iconic fast food. You can order a whole Philly Cheesesteak for £8 or half for £5. There’s even gluten free options, for those with allergies!

  • Original Cheesesteak, Whole Wiz Wit (apparently the proper Philly way of ordering with cheese and onions): Oozing with beef and cheese, it’s a good comfort food for rainy London days.
  • Italian Roast Pork: Filling sandwich, though a little bland.
  • Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak: Unfortunately, too salty. I wasn’t impressed.
  • Wiz Fries (£3.5): Regular fries, but the cheesy sauce is why you order this!

My thoughts

Since I’ve not had authentic Philly cheesesteaks before, I cannot speak for Liberty Cheesesteak Factory’s authenticity. As a foodie, I can say that you should definitely try the Wiz Wit, especially if you are into beef and cheese (obviously!), while you don’t need to bother with the specials.

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  • Ulla Hofmann

    Das sieht phantastisch aus. hoffentlich bekommt man das hier in DE auch mal zu genießen!

  • Sara Chergui

    That food looks delicious !