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Lace Bralette & Briefs (gifted) – Wacoal

The first bra

I remember how jealous I was of the other girls, developing into women, with proper curves, buying their first bras. I was left out for quite a while, which felt like the longest time ever, until I purchased my first set together with my mum. I was really embarrassed, when my mum and I went to the shop, and I awkwardly lingered in the lingerie section, too afraid to ask my mum to get me one. Of course, she clocked on pretty quickly and I happily went home with my first bra. I was ecstatic, finally a “teenage girl”, not a little kid anymore. At that time it wasn’t really about keeping “things” from moving around or appreciating the beauty of lingerie. No, it was all about being part of that group of girls! Of course, after the first excitement fades and it becomes a daily necessity, you realise it’s not all that amazing and you are mostly excited about coming home and taking it off again. And then you wish you were a child again, bouncing around carefree and braless.

One set prettier than the other

Funnily, now I’m at a point again, where I love the fact that I can wear beautiful lingerie. I mean it’s not that surprising, considering there’s many more styles to choose from than before, one prettier than the other. Over the years, my taste in lingerie has changed quite a bit: First discovering the beauty of lace, then getting used to non-padded bras and now fully enjoying the pleasures of going non-wire! My favourite choice now is a lace soft bra, combining comfort and prettiness. I can spend hours browsing through the internet, checking out the latest styles on my go-to online-shops.

My wishlist

I love a basic soft bra like the one featured in my collage by H&M and I could have tons of them. Though things get more interesting with the different layers of laces, such as in this wired piece from Bonprix. As for nude and pale pink lingerie (the one from Oysho is to die for), I do love the look, but I’m so used to an all black wardrobe, that I still need to get used to the idea of wearing non-black lingerie. What are your bra stories and which lingerie styles do you like the best?

Sunflower Lace Soft Bra
&other stories
Blonde Lace Triangular Bra
Wired Lace Bra
Soft Lace Bra
Lace Half-string Briefs


  • Oh god I remember going for my first bra shop with my mum, too! In good ol’ M&S, of course – they had a ‘My first bra’ range, very unglamorous 😉 But I only actually started appreciating lingerie when I got to the age of about 17. I’m a big fan of a soft bra – very little support, but so pretty – and I love the set worn by the blonde model in your collage! xx

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

    • First bra range, that’s so cool! My mum and I went to H&M and I’ve still been loving their lingerie. 🙂