How to Style A Dresser

I already gave you a peek into my bedroom, and today it’s time to show you my favourite corner: my dresser.While my shelves and desk are primarily focused on functionality, my dresser is the place that really showcases my personality and style. It’s the area where I can let my creativity flow freely, changing it up every few weeks. I would say I change it based on my mood, but really it’s because I love browsing interior boutiques and there’s only so much space in my room to show off my purchases, hence the frequent restyling! Thanks to Trouva, an online shop that lets you browse through independent shops, I finally added some dresser essentials that I’ve been dying to style. So now I will share with you a few basic tips on how to style a dresser!

Think About Its Purpose

The top of a dresser can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used to display decorative items or you can even repurpose it into a vanity. When you have a small bedroom or your bedroom is your main room (as in my case), making the most of every surface is vital. My dresser serves a variety of purposes: as a showcase for my personality, as a small oasis of relaxation, but mainly to store jewellery and my miniature perfume collection. Having a main purpose will help you focus on essential items, such as the glass display and the copper storage boxes.

Create different layers

A dresser can easily look uninspired and dull, if you simply add one decorative item next to the other. By creating different levels on the dresser surface, you draw the eye along naturally. Here, it’s important to not forget the wall in the background. The Monstera Print* from Mink Interiors not only illustrates my style but also balances out the Grey Wire Grid Memo Board* from Dowse that I use to store jewellery, exhibit photos and postcards I like. I love how multifunctional wire boards are, and the HAY Gold Clips* used to attach everything are pretty stylish as well. To create additional levels on the dresser surface, you can add small boxes, or in my case I placed a few magazines to create an elevated platform for room scents.

Add Consistency with a Colour Scheme

Keeping the colour scheme consistent is really important when you have a lot of items on your dresser like I do. Instead of a harmonically styled dresser, it could easily look chaotic and cluttered. True to my style and personality, I focused on black and white with small accents of copper and gold to warm up the space.


Once you have the main purpose and pieces down, you can accessorise to add personality! I mean, most of the items I use combine function and style, but the succulent, for example, is really just for show (and to add an additional level within the glass box!). I personally really love the black vase as well as my “scent station” (with my absolute favourite candle, the Teakwood & Tobacco Candly by PF Candle Co* from Homage). They really add the final touch when you style a dresser.

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  • Some really great tips, thanks for the post!

    I personally love creating layers on my dresser, it makes all the rubbish I keep on it look relatively stylish haha