New Workout Routine

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Two of my flatmates are really into their fitness and sports: One wakes up every morning at 5am to hit the gym, the other goes out rock climbing weekend trips. And then there’s me, lazy on the sofa, enjoying the latest Netflix shows. To be honest, I kind of gave up on getting into it as well, after my previous resolution to do more for my health, but living with these two actually opened up my eyes a little and I found interest in exercising again! Here are some simple tips, that really made a difference in my motivation (though, I’m still taking baby steps when it comes to getting into a proper workout routine):

Get a new workout outfit

Sounds simple and silly, but it can make a difference. While I used to wear the most worn-out shirt and tights, since I didn’t care too much for exercise, it just couldn’t make me feel excited about working out. Though, with some shiny new trainers and some set of new sportswear that Pink Soda sent me, exercising became a little more enjoyable instantaneously. Especially the Pink Soda Sports Bra is my favourite, as I love the design and how much comfort and support it gives.

Find a sport you enjoy

I used to think all kinds of exercise are boring, whether it’s hitting the gym, playing basketball or volleyball. I hated them especially in PE classes, so I never picked them up again. Thinking about it, it wasn’t sports that I disliked, it was the environment that only cared about performance and grades that didn’t suit me (’cause I’m pretty clumsy and slow!). Now I’m playing tennis and football with my flatmates every other weekend, and I catch myself running around for 1-2hours and actually having fun! I also tried out pilates for the first time this year, and simply loved it, going to 1 class/a week regularly now.

Encourage each other

Kudos to those who have the discipline to go to the gym by themselves, but since it’s not my most favourite activity in the world, I need a little nudge to go regularly. So going with a friend is probably the best you can do, making sure the other doesn’t find some lame excuse to skip again this week, it might make all the difference to your workout routine.

  • Naelle Oip

    I never go to the gym, but I run 5 times a week, it’s an addiction haha

    Love the sportsbra you show on the pic !
    xxx from Paris!