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Soft Serve Society* | Ice Cream, Tea & Milkshakes |
Uunit 35, Boxpark, 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6GY

I love a good soft serve ice cream, especially when it’s with matcha! And luckily, quite a few places have opened in London that offer a good soft serve, from Tombo to Tsujiri, to name a few. Though, living in East London, I usually had to make the trip to Central to satisfy my cravings. Fortunately, it’s as if my prayers have been heard, Soft Serve Society opened in Shoreditch, serving not only soft serve in different flavours but an array of sweet treats that won’t disappoint!

Freakshakes and Soft Serves

Right next to Shoreditch High Street Station, in the buzzing Boxpark complex, Soft Serve Society opened its doors, offering soft serve ice cream, sundaes, freakshakes, tea and more. Perfect to freshen up on a hot summer day or to satisfy any sweet tooth. I was invited to try their menu and here’s what I got:

  • Matcha Madness: Creamy and full of matcha flavour, this matcha sundae was a total winner. The added sweet azuki beans and the two pieces of mochi added some sweetness and texture to it.
  • Espresso Yourself: If matcha is not your thing, definitely try this espresso sundae! Strong in coffee flavour (also thanks to the coffee topping) and perfectly creamy, it’s like an Iced Latte in ice cream form, how can you not love that?
  • Matcha Freakshake (£7.95): Now to the heavy-weight among the desserts – the freakshake! It was the first time I’ve tried a freakshake and I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning. More concept than flavour, that’s what I thought, but oh boy, was I wrong! If you are like me and prefer savoury food, you might want to share this one with a friend. You get a perfectly lightly sweet matcha milkshake, topped with a generous slice of airy chiffon cake, some pocky sticks, a cookie and a generous amount of whipped cream. Definitely not the easiest dessert to eat, but you just gotta dig in and enjoy!

My thoughts

I can definitely recommend popping by Soft Serve Society for some ice cream or other desserts. I’ll definitely be back again soon! I have yet to try their cotton candy cone and what I love is that you can even top up your soft serve ice cream with some delicious toppings, such as popping candy and popcorn.

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    Oh mein Gott! Da muss ich hin, wenn ich das nächste Mal in London bin! *__*