Eatopia – A Unique Culinary Experience

Last September, London saw its first Design Biennale. 37 countries from six continents participated to present newly works that explored the theme Utopia by Design. Of course, I couldn’t miss this event, so I headed down to Somerset House together with We Blog Design to discover the exhibition and to explore especially Taiwan’s contribution: Eatopia.

Eatopia: A Tale of Taiwan’s Cultural Collisions

Stepping down to the basement of Somerset house, you entered a magical forest, where you were able to learn about the complex Taiwanese history through the variety of vegetation installed and a unique culinary experience. The small island has received waves of migrants, all from distinctive cultural backgrounds, that together shape the country.

“Reflecting on the history of Taiwan, the dishes serve as a reminder that cultural collision and fusion have been and will continue to be powerful forces that propel the country towards a united yet diverse utopia.”

Eatopia took us on the journey of Taiwan’s history by telling us about the historical significance of the particular event they mirrored, before serving us the representing dish. Each dish was a pleasure for the taste buds, and each of us bloggers had a different favourite. Though, my favourite dish was the last one – the Melting Pot. Representing the road towards utopia, all ingredients from the previous four dishes are mixed together to make a cream soup, combining the past and the present to present Taiwan’s complex identity.

The final dish represents a shared vision of a utopian future that is attained through cultural collision and fusion among the distinct ethnic, age and social groups of Taiwan.

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dish2_orderontheisland2r2a69982r2a7188photos via Eatopia