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Nude by Nature: Green Beauty

Nude by Nature | Mineral Make Up
available via ASOS*

Natural make up from Australia

A few months ago ASOS invited me to try out Nude by Nature, an Australian beauty brand they started stocking. To be honest, the first thing that captured my attention was the beautiful rose gold packaging and the elegant design of the brushes. They really stand out in my make up drawer! Though, Nude by Nature is not just about looks (pun intended!), what really differentiates them from other cosmetic brands is their promise to provide high-performing natural formulas that are 100% cruelty free and PETA certified.

It’s good to know we are not putting any harmful ingredients on our skin, especially since a lot of people wear make up on a daily basis. Natural make up is still a niche in comparison to natural skincare, be it for the fact that they don’t look appealing enough or simply don’t perform as well as other products, but Nude by Nature has really won me over (learn more about their story here). Let’s have a closer look at the products!

nude by nature reviewnude by nature review

Base Make Up

Radiant Loose Powder Foundation* (£25): Quick and easy to apply with the 03 Flawless Brush*. Perfectly evens out my skin tone, covers up redness and enlarged pores, and also helps with my oily T-Zone, while feeling feather light on the skin. Use a facial mist before to make the application even smoother! The only thing I’m not too fond is the packaging. I’m still having a hard time using the mesh sifter, so I end up with too much product on my brush and I have to tap away quite a bit.

Flawless Press Powder Foundation* (£25): Great for anyone who wants more coverage and a matte finish, and I usually carry it around in my bag for quick touch ups throughout the day.

Perfecting Concealer* (£20): Very hydrating concealer, though the texture is a little too creamy for my taste, even a little sticky to the touch. Doesn’t cover up acne scars, but is quite good for under-eye circles.

Flawless Pressed Powder Foundation
Radiant Loose Powder Foundation
Perfecting Concealer

nude by nature review

Contour & Highlight

Touch of Glow Highlight Sticks* (£18): Highly pigmented, and so easy to apply with the most beautiful radiance. The Champagne one is my absolute favourite for adding highlight, especially during evenings, while the other shades are great for colour and warmth.

Highlight Palette* (£25): I personally prefer stick highlighters because of their pigmentation, but this palette is a great alternative to the Touch of Glow Highlight Sticks for those who prefer powder highlight. And sometimes I use the shade Bronze as a blush alternative.

Contour Palette* (£25): It’s so easy to contour with this palette for a matte and naturally contoured face, especially when using the Ultimate Perfecting Brush*. The shades are really flattering for light to medium skin tones, I use this palette nearly everyday!

Highlight Palette
Contour Palette
Ultimate Perfecting Brush
Touch of Glow Highlight Sticks
in Champagne, Rose and Bronze

nude by nature review

Touch of Glow Stick
in Champagne, Rose and Bronze (f.l.t.r)

nude by nature review

Highlight Palette
with Bronze, Rose and Champagne (f.l.t.r)

nude by nature review

nude by nature review

Contour Palette
with Matte Contour, Bronze & Highlight (f.l.t.r)

nude by nature review

Travel Size

Who doesn’t love travel sized beauty products? The Nude by Nature Complexion Essentials Starter Kit* (£39) includes their primer, the concealer as well as the Loose Powder Foundation, the Loose Bronzer and the Loose Finishing Powder, all in convenient travel sizes. And the makeup bag it comes with is probably one of my favourite make up bags. I like how it folds open and includes brush holders, so you can keep everything neatly organised. I only use this one when I’m travelling!

Complexion Essentials Starter Kit

nude by nature review

My thoughts

I tried out a lot of products and I have to say I pretty much like all of them! To my surprise, some even made it to my daily makeup routine: The Radiant Loose Powder Foundation has become an essential part together with the Flawless Brush, whereas the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick in Champagne and the Contour Palette are much liked regulars. If you like natural make-up, you should definitely try out Nude by Nature!

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