My Beauty Corner

Did you know that I’ve recently moved? Not much has changed in terms of styling and decorating. I simply rearranged my furniture to fit my current room. Though, there was one area that definitely needed improvement this time and that was my beauty corner!

Life without a vanity

In an ideal world, I would have a proper vanity, where I can spend hours doing my make up and hair. However, living in London means rooms are small, so you really have to prioritise. I chose my work desk in favour of a vanity as it’s more novelty than really necessary. What do you choose when you have the choice between getting ready in the bathroom or sitting on the floor in front of my big wall mirror? Translated this means: carrying your makeup bag back and forth (since it’s I live in a flatshare) or ultimately having my make-up all scattered around on the floor. I opted for the later, simply out of convenience, but it wasn’t ideal.

How to create a beauty corner

Now I still have no vanity and only my big mirror, there’s still no space in the bathroom cabinet for all my make-up, so I had to come up with an easy and practical solution. To be honest, I’m a little embarrassed to even give advice on this since it was so easy in the end!

  • The mirror: The most important thing is of course the mirror! Every bedroom needs a big full-sized mirror to try on different outfits like these ones from A small one for the table just doesn’t cut it.
  • Drawer units: Make-up bags are only useful for on-the-go. You need proper storage to declutter your space and keep everything tidy. Place a small drawer unit next to your mirror and you can easily grab whatever you need. You can get small affordable drawer units everywhere, I got my drawer unit from Ikea.
  • Storage baskets: I love storage baskets for blankets or gift wrapping. However, my most favourite one is the one next to my mirror where I keep all my hair styling tools. This way I can style my hair directly after finishing my make-up.
  • A stool: Since I use my mirror mainly to get dressed, a stool is the perfect solution to transform it into a vanity. Get it out whenever you need it and store it away, when you don’t.

beauty corner

  • Swantje Tripmacker

    Really love your little corner 🙂 Sooo cute 🙂

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  • Emilia

    Loving your blog so much!