Inamo Camden – A Futuristic Dining Experience

Inamo Camden, Asian Fusion, 265 Hampstead Rd, London, Menu, press invite

I have to admit, I’ve gotten a little too comfortable with my restaurant choices recently. Been going to the same spots over and over again, totally missing out on all the new places that have popped up in London! But you know how it is, you find a place that just works for you, so you become lazy! Anyway, I’ve been feeling more motivated to explore more and get out of my comfort zone, so let’s start with introducing you to a restaurant I visited for the first time last month: Inamo Camden!

An Asian Food Playground: Inamo Camden

Inamo is not completely new to London, but they recently opened their third location in Camden. I’ve heard about their ‘futuristic and unique’ dining experience a few times before, and have been interested in visiting. So what is it all about? See at Inamo, it’s about creating a fun environment with their interactive ordering system. In addition to the tablets for ordering food, each table has a projector that transforms a plain white table into a colourful interactive experience. You can choose from different table backgrounds, place food orders and peek on the chefs in the kitchen with the ‘Chef Cam’. But the most fun were definitely the games! I mean playing Memory or Ping Pong with your friend directly on the table? How great is that? I don’t even remember how long it took for us to be served, because I was so distracted.

Combining the Flavours of Asia

It took quite a while for Dodo and me to order, because Inamo doesn’t just combine different flavours and dishes from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and other Asian countries, but they add their own twist to them as well. I mean, have you heard of Donut shaped sushi? We tried quite a few dishes and went home with full bellies.

I really enjoyed enjoyed making my own buns as well with the Yum Buns (£8.95). You get three steamed buns with slices of beef brisket, duck and pork with a selection of sauces. The buns were incredibly tasty and fluffy, though the meat slices felt a little dry. Seared Salmon Maki (8.95) is always a safe bet. Salmon just goes so well with avocado and cream cheese! The Hot Stone Fillet & Rice (£19.95) was quite fun, adding the beef slices to the sizzling stone. Though, I personally preferred it rare. The Chicken Karaage (£8.95) was a mix of different Asian flavours, great for someone who is not too familiar to the different flavours yet.

My thoughts

I’m quite proud of my traditional Vietnamese cooking skills, so I can be a little snobbish when it comes to authentic food. But Inamo Camden is great for people who are still new to Asian cuisine or want a fun and relaxed experience. We had three dishes each and two drinks, so the bill would have been around £45 each, but you can definitely eat for less if you stick to the sushi and the Asian tapas. Definitely know quite a few friends who would absolutely love it. The games were seriously fun.