Outfit: My Kind of Sporty

Flute Top – Veromoda / Pinstripe Trousers – Bershka / Socks – Asos / Nike Dunk Low Women’s Trainers – JD Sports* / Activité Steel watch – Withings* / Leather Jacket – Zara / Circle necklaces – Alice Made This*
Photos of me taken by Emma Self (Bloomzy)

Not just for athletes

While my collection of trainers is slowly but gradually increasing, my workout routine looks as dim as ever. At least walking to and back from the tube station is more comfortable now! I mean, those few minutes must contribute somehow… Oh, who am I kidding, my new Withings Activité Steel watch* has made it clear that I usually don’t get enough activity in my routine. At least, looking for the right location to shoot this outfit made me reach the recommended 10,000 step mark – hooray! I comfortably jumped around the London streets, looking for the right spot (even though I ended up in the most popular fashion blogger shooting location ever), and in the meantime Emma was complaining about the pain in her feet. Should have gone with trainers!

My go to outfit

Thank god, the temperatures are slowly climbing up again, so out with my boots and back on with the trainers. Take my favourite Zara leather jacket, combined with a dressy shirt and one of my many comfy smart casual trousers, then add the trainers and you’ve got my go to look these days. It’s my favourite combination at the moment, with only the shirt and trousers changing. When I went to JD Sports the other day, looking for a comfortable pair to wear daily, a sales assistant recommended the Nike Dunk Low Women’s*. Not really a style that catches your eye immediately as it’s more low-key. Still, the sales assistant and every friend I sent a snap of me wearing the pair picked them over others and apparently they last quite well, too (which is a big plus considering constant tripping). And I’m really happy with them, been wearing them everyday since.

nike dunk low outfit

nike dunk low outfit

somerset house

nike dunk low outfit