Aesthetics & Substance – Treves & Hyde, Whitechapel

Treves & Hyde, Clean All Day Menu & Coffee, 15/17 Leman Street, London E1 8EN, Aldgate East Station

It’s all just looks! At least that’s what I thought of Treves & Hyde before visiting it myself. I’m usually a bit suspicious when it comes to beautiful sounding menus and interiors so stunning, you’d think you jumped into a design magazine. I’m used to the authenticity of street foods and question a beautiful facade. So I didn’t expect much from Treves & Hyde other than it being a beautiful addition to my Instagram feed. How wrong I was! Treves & Hyde is more than just a stylish East London retreat, and I can’t wait to be going back soon.

Treves & Hyde

Treves & Hyde is a new restaurant and bar that just opened in March. Designed by Grzywinski+Pons (I did my research after I got home!), the interior totally matches my aesthetics. Modern and minimalist Scandi vibe with lots of natural stone, ceramic, brass, timber, concrete, blackened steel and an array of plants. A Pinterest dream! Emma had to wait quite a few minutes to order, because I was busy snapping away!

Once my photo frenzy calmed down a little, the friendly staff thoroughly explained the curated menu to us, giving recommendations which were totally on point.

• red pesto arancini (!)
• poponcini peppers, brandade & saffron aioli (!)

Mains & Sides:
• venison tartare, truffle & burnt ketchup, carta di musica (!)
• scallop and seabass ceviche wiht peas and -8 verjus (!)
• beef brisket, bacon pudding & marinda tomato
• seared tuna, edamame, carrot & nori seaweed crisp (!)
• shaved fennel & baby gem, ranch dressing
• sweet potatoes, tahini yoghurt & pomegranate

The dishes really matched the aesthetics of the interior, beautifully assembled on tactile ceramic, but  more than just nice to look at. I seriously enjoyed the simplicity and freshness of the menu. My low expectations were totally wrong! Every plate was a feast for the senses.

I recommend: The starters were amazing, flavourful and moreish. Though, my favourites were definitely the beef brisket with bacon pudding and marinda tomato (tender, succulent and so flavourful, though the tomato felt a tad too acidic), the venison tartare, truffle & burnt ketchup, carta di musica (beautiful blend of flavours and textures, crunchy and soft, savoury with a hint of tanginess) as well as the scallop & seabass ceviche with peas (refreshing & tangy).

My thoughts

As you can see from my review, I was really impressed by Treves & Hyde. It’s more than just a beautiful eatery, it’s a restaurant with a carefully curated menu of mouth-watering dishes. Others might say, I should have known it would be good, considering that George Tannock is leading the kitchen, who previously worked at The Dorchester, The Fat Duck, The Capital and The Greenhouse. But honestly, I don’t care for such credits. What I know is that the food was delicious, the interior stunning and the price point quite reasonable (definitely not the cheapest meal, but not breaking the bank either). If you add up all the dishes we had + 1 cocktail each, it would have been around £55 each, however, we honestly could have done with 3-4 dishes less, as I was crazy full after our meal and we didn’t even finish it all.

treves & hydetreves & hyde

treves & hydetreves & hyde

treves & hyde 

treves & hyde

treves & hyde       treves & hyde