Lingerie Wishlist

Lace Bralette & Briefs (gifted) – Wacoal The first bra I remember how jealous I was of the other girls, developing into women, with proper curves, buying their first bras. I was left out for quite a while, which felt like the longest time ever, until I purchased my first set together with my mum. I was really embarrassed, when my mum and I went to the shop, and I awkwardly lingered in the lingerie section, too afraid to ask my mum to get me one. Of course, she clocked on pretty quickly and I happily went home with my first bra. I was ecstatic, finally a “teenage girl”, not a little kid anymore. At that time it wasn’t really about keeping “things” from moving around or appreciating the beauty of lingerie. No, it was all about being part of that group of girls! Of course, after the first excitement fades and…

Outfit: Lost in the Tropics

Wearing my favourite dress and jumper combination, Emma, Dodo and I made it down to West London to wander around the botanic gardens. Like pretty much any day in London, it was a grey day, warm enough to not wear tights, but not enough to go for a full sleeveless outfit. Or you could just spend the whole day in the Palm House, enjoying tropical plants and temperatures. Next to the Princess of Wales Conservatory, probably everyone’s favourite part of Kew Gardens.

Outfit: Knitted Maxi Dress

You know that feeling, when you finally find something you’ve been looking for for ages? It’s much easier when that something is more specific, like a vintage Chanel bag or that candy you used to love when you were a child. In my case, I have this list of certain styles of clothes or accessories that I like. It’s not like when I see this beautiful grey leather jacket by Acne and it’s just not available in my size. It’s more this feeling of “I like the look of a grey leather jacket, but need to find one that suits and fits me”. One of those things are maxi dresses.

Sporty in Converse

I’ve never been the sporty type of girl. PE was my least favourite class in school and I tried to skip it as much as possible. So of course, I didn’t wear trainers or sports wear outside of the gym in an attempt to erase all memories of ball games and running around in circles. However, now that I’m working and all the exercise I get is walking to the tube station, I’ve started going to the gym voluntarily and even found classes I actually enjoy! The funny thing is that my new found interest in exercising also got me into sports wear. Not only do the dancers in the videos I watch on Youtube look pretty damn cool, it’s also incredibly comfortable (took me a while to figure this one out, didn’t it?).