The Year of the Rooster at Yauatcha

Every year, around Lunar New Year, I get a little sentimental. It’s the one holiday my family used to celebrate enthusiastically. My mum would decorate the house in red, we’d prepare traditional dishes for the day and a stop by the local pagoda was a must as well. It’s a shame I’m not able to celebrate this special time with my family, but I’m happy I was still able to have Lunar New Year food again at Yauatcha City together with Emma (bloomzy). I had such a great time last year, so I was looking forward to our celebratory lunch.

24H in Shoreditch – A Staycation at Citizen M

I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve been on holiday, while it’s actually just been a month! But who doesn’t crave holidays constantly, especially when you live in a busy city like London. Spending some quality time with your friend, forgetting all your homely responsibilities and simply having a good time, who doesn’t love that? I really wish, I could go on holidays more regularly! So when I got the chance to stay at , I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see how a staycation would be like!

My Beauty Corner

Did you know that I’ve recently moved? Not much has changed in terms of styling and decorating. I simply rearranged my furniture to fit my current room. Though, there was one area that definitely needed improvement this time and that was my beauty corner! Life without a vanity In an ideal world, I would have a proper vanity, where I can spend hours doing my make up and hair. However, living in London means rooms are small, so you really have to prioritise. I chose my work desk in favour of a vanity as it’s more novelty than really necessary. What do you choose when you have the choice between getting ready in the bathroom or sitting on the floor in front of my big wall mirror? Translated this means: carrying your makeup bag back and forth (since it’s I live in a flatshare) or ultimately having my make-up all scattered around on…