Chopstick Panorama 2.0

Welcome to Chopstick Panorama 2.0!

After 5 years with the same look, Chopstick Panorama definitely deserved a makeover. I already feel much more motivated to create amazing content, continuing to share my experiences from food and fashion to beauty and travel with you guys. To kick off Chopstick Panorama 2.0, let’s go back to my very beginnings of blogging and start with a good old outfit post.

Coffee Date with Myself

Sometimes it’s nice to go out just by yourself. Finding a cute cafe, ordering a cup of soothing Matcha Latte and listening to your favourite tunes. With work having taken over my life last year, I tried to fill every inch of my calendar with activities, fully polishing my scheduling skills. However, this pretty much left little time to focus just on myself. Books are still unread, TV shows are queuing up and memories of how my gym looked from the inside are fading. I feel like, we are made to believe that we are the happiest when we are constantly surrounded by people. “Hanging out by yourself? What a loner!” Though, being back in London, while most of my friends were still with their families, gave me the chance to fully relax and recharge, instead of running from one schedule to the next. Or at least, I was able…

An East London Tour with the Girls

It’s always nice to have friends visiting London. Nga, Mai Linh and I go way back, I don’t even remember how we met as we lived a 3 hour drive away from each other (remember this and this post from 2010?). I think it was a mix of mutual friends and connecting via blogging (that is when they were still blogging!). But when you get along, distance doesn’t matter. Also, there’s Whatsapp to share any funny or weird moments with each other. Still, nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting, chatting for hours into the night, fighting for the last bite of chicken and having a girly make-over session. Simply: Making memories together.  It was Mai Linh’s first time in London, so we did a mix of the usual tourists spots and my local hangouts. Luckily I work in Westminster, so when they picked me up from work, we could already…

The Danger of Ignorance

It’s way past midnight already, as I’m contemplating how to start this discussion. This blog is supposed to be the reflection of the sunny side of my life, picturesque places, beautiful clothes and delicious food. However, other bloggers who have raised the topic, have made me realise that this blog has also given me a voice that can reacher further than the discussions in the privacy of my 4 walls. So I’m using this voice to talk about the refugee crisis. The reasons why I’m trying to be careful with my words are plentiful. The refugee crisis is a sensitive issue, causing emotions that range from sympathy to anger. I see my friends supporting refugees that camp in front of the Regional Office For Health And Social Affairs in Berlin to provide asylum with food, water and other necessities, while news outlets report on the latest attacks on refugee shelters.…