24H in Shoreditch – A Staycation at Citizen M

I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve been on holiday, while it’s actually just been a month! But who doesn’t crave holidays constantly, especially when you live in a busy city like London. Spending some quality time with your friend, forgetting all your homely responsibilities and simply having a good time, who doesn’t love that? I really wish, I could go on holidays more regularly! So when I got the chance to stay at , I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see how a staycation would be like!

Visiting Norwich

Let’s talk about Norwich. One of Britain’s 20 friendliest places to live, top city to work in the UK and also hometown of my best friend Emma. To be honest, if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have visited Norwich any time soon. More because I actually haven’t heard about Norwich before, until I found out that’s where she was from. It just emphasises the fact that there is so much to discover in the UK, and I’m glad that I’m slowly ticking off more places in the UK from my travel list. We started the day with brunch at Frank’s Bar (19 Bedford St, Norwich NR2 1AR), a lovely little cafe/bar with quirky English interior, before walking around the city centre. What I liked the most about Norwich were its ancient streets that make you feel like you just stepped into a historical film. From Princes Street that houses many buildings…

Along Norfolk’s Coasts

Every now and then, after weeks of packed schedules, running from work to blog events to catch-ups with friends, I crave quietness. Just getting out of London and leaving my to-do list behind. So a few weeks ago, I joined Emma on her trip to Norwich. I’ve seen a lot of pictures already, carefully listened to stories about her hometown and was especially interested to the beautiful scenery she captured in her post An Open Letter to Cereal Magazine. Norfolk’s coasts, quiet, without much fanfare. I loved those pictures! Unfortunately, we weren’t as lucky with the weather. A short drive away from Norwich, we went to two different ones that afternoon. Though, in typical coastal style, the wind was relentless, making it difficult the fully enjoy the scenery. I guess, February with its terrible weather and short days just wasn’t the best time to visit. Still, it was as scenic as I…

Visiting Oslo: Scandic Vulkan

It’s no secret that Scandinavian design is loved by many. Half of my Pinterest account is filled with design pieces from the North. Now imagine walking into such a catalogue in real life… I never really understood why you would pay more than the bare minimum for a hotel stay. Travelling for me means exploring new places, getting up early in the morning and returning tired and exhausted to the hotel bed. As long as a place is clean and safe, that’s all that matters. Or that’s what I thought. Now that I’ve stayed at the Scandic Vulkan in Oslo, I might change my mind. Not even mentioning the building itself, which is definitely an eye candy and offers a great view onto the surrounding restaurants and bars, every little thing you encounter throughout your stay, be it furniture, decoration or tableware are evidence of great Scandinavian design. I felt…