• Artisan Jewellery: Carao

    Gold Plated Ring CARAO*, Origami Necklace CARAO* available via Wolf & Badger, Parallels Earrings CARAO* available via Wolf & Badger <br>Photos of me taken by: Emma (bloomzy.co.uk)

    Jewellery for the Delicate

    Let’s talk about my jewellery journey. Unlike most girls, jewellery never really interested me. Adding accessories to my outfits seemed like an extra step that felt unnecessary and intrusive. Especially bracelets and rings felt uncomfortable whenever I worked at my desk, and it was hassle to keep removing and putting rings back on every time I wanted to wash my hands. I would buy them because I thought they looked beautiful, I liked how my girls stacked up necklaces and rings, wore different earrings everyday. However, I’d get annoyed when I wore them or I simply left them untouched on my dresser.

    Despite my initial dislike, things are quite different now. Slowly I started to like necklaces as a simple way to style up my minimalist outfits. It was all about big and chunky statement pieces. Then I got a long bob and I liked how earrings really accentuated my hair. And now, no outfit would be complete without my accessories.

    Carao: Artisan Jewellery from Costa Rica

    Carao does beautifully delicate jewellery made by Peruvian and Costa Rican silversmiths and artisan who live and breath tradition. They work with these artisans to create sterling silver jewellery and create a positive change in their lives. They just started out, so I was happy about being approached by the brand to share some of their pieces. I always love supporting small makers and artisans, and when they do jewellery that’s totally my style, even better! I mean clean, delicate geometric shapes? Just perfect. Plus, it’s the simple details that I appreciate about these pieces, such as the long chain of the Origami necklace that is perfect for stacking. Though, my favourite piece is probably the circle ring. I just love how it looks worn. You should definitely support Carao if you like their pieces! Available via Wolf & Badger, or win a piece on my Instagram.


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